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What is Area 34 Assembly? Alcoholics Anonymous Area 34 is one of the 93 Areas in North America, (US and Canada.) The Area 34 Assembly serves the districts and A.A. groups throughout western Michigan's lower peninsula and the eastern portion of Michigan's upper peninsula. The Area Assembly also elects a Delegate to attend the yearly General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Area 34 Assembly currently meets on the third Sunday of each month except June & November. Each district is considered a participating committee of Area 34 Assembly. Each district takes a turn hosting the Assembly in their district community. 

2023 schedule with hosting districts


THE AREA ASSEMBLY: The areas hold an important position in the U.S./Canada General Service Conference structure. The areas are directly connected to the A.A. groups and their members through DCMs and GSRs. At the same time, they participate in the decision-making of A.A. through area delegates. At the heart of each area is the assembly meeting, where the democratic voice of our Fellowship expresses itself. While each area has the autonomy to conduct its meetings according to its conscience, Concept XII offers the General Warranties of the Conference as the guiding principles to remain democratic in thought and action. Reprinted from (The A.A. Service Manual Page 18), with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.”


  • Through our elected Delegate, Area 34 Assembly participates in the yearly General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

  • Area 34 Assembly currently meets the third Sunday of each month with the exception of June & November rotating locations (districts) throughout western Michigan. District Committees are encouraged to host Area Assembly. Area Assembly coordinates and connects outreach committees such as corrections, treatment, C.P.C. (Communication with the Professional Community), P.I. (Public Information), Grapevine, and Technology to name a few.

  • Area 34 Assembly coordinates workshops, sharing sessions, public information programs, and video presentations that keeps A.A. united, strong, and growing in our service committees.

  • Our past trusted servants (past delegates, past trustees and past officers) help to guide the area to an informed group conscience.

  • The business of Area 34 is brought forth, discussed and voted upon to help carry the A.A. message.

  • Through participation at the Michigan Mock Conference, Pre-Conference Assembly, outreach committees, and the Michigan Statewide committees our elected Delegate is equipped to participate in the General Service Conference; The Group Conscience of Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole.​

Suggested tips for attending the Assembly virtually: Please take time to review the Agenda. The Area 34 Assembly Agenda is usually sent out to attendees prior to Assembly. You can acquire the Agenda through emailing the Area Secretary. We encourage all to attend Assembly in person if possible.


Assembly Meeting Virtual (Zoom)

Meeting ID: 521 659 0401

No Password Required

  • Area Assembly is called order at 10:30am

  • DCM Meeting is at 9:30 under a different virtual ID number. If you are a DCM, you can acquire this number through contacting the Delegate. 

  • The Assembly opens with District Roll Call.

  • If you have group concerns you may address the Assembly after roll call. 

  • New business is addressed after lunch.​ 

  • Join Zoom with microphone muted and video on. 

  • We try to accommodate all virtual users,.

  • We adhere to the agenda set forth in the Guidelines. ​

  • Raise your virtual hand when you'd like to speak

  • Do not write your concern in the chat, the Assembly body will not hear or see it.

  • Wait to be called on by the Assembly Chair. You may be the only hand-up on Zoom, but there may be people lined up at the microphone in person.

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