Area 34 Officers

Your Area 34 Officers serve the West Michigan fellowship by managing the overall business at and in between Area Assembly meetings. They are responsible for setting the assembly agenda, keeping the minutes of meetings, and managing finances.

Feel free to contact Area Officers by clicking on their name.

Area 34 Chairperson - Ed B.              

Area 34 Secretary - 
Debi R.

Area 34 Treasurer - Laura J.

Area 34 Delegate - 
Linda B. 

Area 34 Alt. Delegate -
 Jim H.


Archives - Kristin N.              

Corrections -
Jenny S.

Directories - Kim P.

Finance - Dominick G.

Grapevine - Hank H.

Literature - David R.

Pi/CPC - Mike B.          

Accessabilities -
Steve V.

Treatment - Bruce M.

Website - Brett A.

Guidelines/Handbook Keeper - Mel H.

Young People in AA -
Evan H.

Archivist  - Mike Y.

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Q. I maintain an Internet Web site and also belong to an online meeting. At what level should I protect my anonymity on the internet?
A. Publicly accessible aspects of the Internet such as Web sites featuring text, graphics, audio and video ought to be considered another form of “public media.” Thus, they need to be treated in the same manner as press, radio, TV and films. This means that full names and faces should not be used. However, the level of anonymity in e-mail, online meetings and chat rooms would be a personal decision.

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