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Listed below are elected trusted leaders who oversee administration functions of the Area Assembly. They are entrusted with operations and administrative functions of the Area 34 Assembly business affairs. Area officers and committee chairs can be contacted via email by clicking on their name.

Archives Chair - Suzzy S.   

Corrections Chair - Ted A.

Directories Chair (Registrar) - Kim P.

Finance Chair - Brian S.

Grapevine Chair - Mike B.

Literature Chair- Tom W.

Archivist:  - Mike Y. 

Technician: Brett A. 

Pi/CPC Chair - Barb H.

Accessibilities Chair - Hank H.

Treatment Chair - April B. 

Technology Chair - Leslie L.

Guidelines/Handbook:- Harry H.

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THE SERVICE SPONSOR The same impulse that drives some new people to try to “do A.A.” alone drives some new GSRs to try to “do general service” alone. There’s no reason to. In fact, there’s every reason not to. As rewarding and enjoyable as general service can be, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed at times. A service sponsor can make the difference between struggling in your service position and feeling a sense of purpose and accomplishment (and having some fun along the way!). A service sponsor is there to answer your questions about your responsibilities, the structure of general service, the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts and how to apply them, and making reports to your group. They can share experiences on managing time and expectations. Simply put, the service sponsor is there to help.

A.A. Service Manual - Chapter 1 page 18. 

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