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My report for the 2018 Workshop, held at the Westminster Westin is full of gratitude to the many participants that helped to make this Workshop a success.

This Workshop would not have been possible without the commitment and contributions from our Area 10 Host Committee. The Host Committee held monthly meetings beginning in January, eventually changing to bi-weekly and then weekly communications to provide the hospitality that so many members enjoyed during the event.

The primary responsibility for the Host Committee is to staff the event Registration and the Hospitality Room, the Host committee also made special ef-fort to have greeters at the airport to assist those traveling from out of town. They also provided a special off -site lunch on Saturday, in addition to recruiting presenters and speakers for the event. Special effort and cooperation provided translation equipment and Spanish translation for the Saturday sessions.

It was also evident that the Host Committee had spread the word of the event throughout Area 10, as many lo-cal members attended our event. Great work!

My gratitude to the Denver Central Office for having literature available at the event. They also provided audio equipment that, although it was not fully used, it made it possible to have a remote microphone capability.

Behind the scenes, the Denver Central Office was instrumental in ordering the April 2018 Grapevine and helping to acquire translation equipment for the event.

Our representative from the General Service Office, Diana L., made an impact on our Work-shop. A true example of dedication, she endured flight delays in addition to the normal travel time required to reach Denver from New York. Her presence and her information on the General Service Office and her sharing of her story on Saturday night were awesome. Diana’s commitment to Bridging the Gap was vital to the success of the Workshop. GSO was admirably represented. Thank you Diana L.!!

The participants of the 2018 Workshop have my deepest gratitude. The many members who participated in this Workshop for the first time – Thank You for your participation! I hope you more fully understand how vital Bridging the Gap is to Alcoholics Anonymous and to the next alcoholic that reaches out for help. The Bridging the Gap Workshop Weekend is equally vital to AA’s BTG efforts as it provides a consistent platform for learning and sharing our common solutions.

To those of us who have participated in this Workshop multiple times, thank you for helping to pass on your experience, strength and hope to your fellow Workshop participants. It is my hope that the contacts you made at the event and the information you received will help to make you more effective in providing that helping hand to alcoholics in your community.

Please provide us with your thoughts and suggestions.

In Grateful Service,

Pete G.


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