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VIII. Public Information

A. Review 2018 annual reports from the trustees’ Public Information Committee regarding aa.org and aagrapevine.org.

B. Review a report regarding the 2019 Public Information Comprehensive Media Plan.

C. Public Service Announcements (PSAs):

1. Review the distribution and tracking information for the video PSA “Changes.”

2. Review the 2018 Report on the Relevance and Usefulness of Video Public Service Announcements.

3. Consider request that the video PSA “My World” be discontinued.

4. Consider request to approve the development of a new PSA in video format that utilizes full-face actors (not members of A.A.).

D. Review draft language addressing anonymity and safety proposed for the pamphlet “Understanding Anonymity.”

E. Consider request to update language in the flyer “A.A. at a Glance.”

F. Review the 2018 trustees’ Public Information Committee progress report on the usefulness and effectiveness of the A.A.W.S. YouTube account.

G. Review the 2018 trustees’ Public Information progress report on the use of Google AdWords and Google Grants to carry the A.A. message.

H. Review contents of P.I. Kit and Workbook.

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